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Lotus Flower Trust offers you the unique opportunity to work alongside local communities in India. Please scroll below or click here for information on our partnerships with Businesses, Schools, Individuals and Charitable Trusts. For further information on how to set up a relationship with Lotus Flower Trust, please Contact Us.


Lotus Flower Trust has established strong partnerships with a range of businesses throughout the UK, India and further afield. These businesses are hugely supportive of our work changing the lives of communities throughout India whilst also benefiting staff involved with projects through team-building and cultural learning. Further, this involvement is a key indicator of Corporate Social Responsibility. More Information.

To see the Businesses with whom we are currently working and have worked with, see our Associates and Funders page. Our programmes can be tailored specifically to match your business aspirations and corporate social performance goals. Please Contact Us to make a change.




Lotus Flower Trust is delighted to offer the opportunity for schools across the UK to take part in our life-changing projects. During a visit to India, students have the potential to play an important role in the development and construction of projects, whilst growing individually as confident leaders and team players, building social skills and learning about other cultures.

As part of the bespoke programme, students will take responsibility for elements of planning and fundraising, whilst the school benefits from the considerable expertise of the Lotus Flower Team before, during and after the visit. During the visit, students will experience the real India, learn about different cultures and take part in exciting expeditions including trekking. Safety is of paramount importance and you can be assured that every element of the visit is carefully planned and managed. More Information.

We would love to hear from your school and will be happy to answer any questions you may have, Contact Us.


Come with us on a life-changing trip to India. You can contribute to our projects, experience the ‘real’ India whilst helping some of the most impoverished communities have the chance of a brighter future.

Numerous opportunities exist to visit India with Lotus Flower Trust, with several trips per year. You will have the opportunity to recce potential projects, or work on existing projects, whilst meeting the local people in rural India. Once you get in touch, we will match your skills to our projects to ensure you can make the biggest possible impact during your stay. To be eligible to take part in such a trip, you need to donate at least £1,000 towards the work of the charity and you will need to cover your own air flights and in-country costs.

Take the first step and get in touch – we will be happy to answer any questions you may have, Contact Us.



Charitable Trusts

Thanks to the generosity of many Charitable Trusts, our projects make a real difference to the lives of impoverished communities in rural India, changing lives for the better. Lotus Flower Trust projects can be tailored to match your priorities and goals, are implemented in a sustainable manner. We aim to change lives forever by providing schools to those who have not had the opportunity to be educated, safe, warm homes for the homeless, and skill centres to equip communities for the 21st century. We can continue to do so with the support of your Trust.

Take a look at the difference made by our Completed Projects.

Please do get in touch. We would love to hear from and receive support from your Trust, Contact Us.

We may have, as a group, given a generation an opportunity to change their future. In a world where 5.6 bn people live on less than $2 a day, we can only do as much as we can. In the school, we will undoubtably have changed some lives for the better which is something I am proud to have been part of. It doesn’t stop here and my life has been enriched by not only the Sky squad but by the people we met and the things that we have seen. Thank you all for helping me find me again in the midst of South East India.
— John Macleod, Associate, Sky
John Hunt and the philanthropic Trustees of Lotus Flower Trust have been generous enough to cater to the requirements of poor people across India. The Chang Tang region of Ladakh has been blessed by their generous mission and the people of the region without brevity extend immense appreciation and gratitude.
— His Holiness Tog Dan Rinpoche, Senior Monk in Ladakh and member of the All Gonpa Association, Ladakh
To travel with Lotus Flower Trust is to become immersed in India. Don’t take preconceptions with you… When you are back in the UK, you will realise what a privilege it has been to enter people’s lives in this way.
— Lotus Flower Trust Guest