Generously sponsored by Trusts, Businesses, Schools and Individuals, the Lotus Flower Trust funds the building of schools, homes and similar constructions in remote, rural and often environmentally challenging areas of India. We work with local people, utilising local labour and materials, helping bring education and dignity to some of the poorest children in the world. Lotus Flower Trust only uses 10 per cent of funds received for administration costs - the rest is dedicated to the projects. We concentrate our efforts in the mountainous Himalayan areas of India, where we currently have 35 Projects in Ladakh and 12 in  Uttrakhand, as well as supporting projects in Gujarat, Assam, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu. See Map below. For more information, please visit our Funded Projects pages. 

The Story So Far

Lotus Flower Trust was formed by CEO John Hunt in December 2008, building upon over 15 years of previous experience of working in the Indian subcontinent. Since its inception, the intervening period has seen a huge impact in impoverished, rural communities throughout India. We have funded 60 major constructions affecting the lives of more than 10,000 children, women and those with special needs. Numerous other potential projects are planned – and, with your help, these can become a reality.

CEO's 2018 Report (extract)

Education is a distant consideration. Children seldom go to school. The parents do not see the necessity for this. Economic needs means both parents, where there are two, supported by the children, must work to sustain meagre livelihoods, put bread on the table, and avoid begging for food. But so many do! Alcoholism and violent abuse, especially of the girls, is prevalent. There are no medical facilities and malnutrition leads to stunted growth. Young boys suffer from addiction problems and girls are vulnerable to sexual exploitation with some as young as 13 getting pregnant.

Working with You!

Lotus Flower Trust offers you the unique opportunity to work alongside local communities in India. By helping to build dreams you also personally benefit from a life-changing experience whilst changing the lives of children forever. Get Involved and find out how. Together we can make a difference, together we can change lives.

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